About Redowa

Redowa play music, old and new, that has it's roots in the huge English dance music tradition. Like the closely-related Irish and Scots traditions, English music has entered the 21st century alive and kicking, and is gaining more popularity all the time.
As well as playing as a duo, Tim and Jan were key members of the popular Midlands-based band Alf Alfa and the Wild Oats between 1990 and 2007, and are members of the four-piece Public Sector. In one line-up or another they have appeared at countless weddings, parties, fund-raisers and so-on, for all kinds of clients and occasions. They've also led music sessions and instrument workshops, made concert appearances, and more besides.
Tim WilletsTim Willets
Tim bought his first melodeon in 1982, and is widely recognised as one of the best English melodeon players. He's appeared at various festivals as a band member, solo musician and instrument tutor/workshop leader (appearances include Sidmouth International Folk Arts Festival and the National Folk Music Festival). His playing is clearly based upon the legacy of (now sadly deceased) English traditional musicians such as Oscar Woods (melodeon), Willy Taylor (fiddle) and Will Atkinson (harmonica), and countless other musicians of centuries past. To this he adds influences (and music) drawn from sources as diverse as French "cafe" music, Louisiana Cajun, French-Canadian reels and jigs, rhythm and just about anything else he's ever heard.
The result is a sound that is full, fluid, and deceptively relaxed. Comments on his playing from other musicians include "virtousity", "a very good melodeon player indeed", "how the **** did you do that?" and "can I just count your fingers...?".
As well as a passionate interest in English dance music and things accordion in general, Tim has a long-term love affair with obscure R'n'B and instrumental Surf-music bands, and has been wrestling with guitars in general - and the Fender Telecaster in particular - for far longer than he'll admit to. He also writes for Shropshire-based folk-magazine "Shreds and Patches", to which he regularly contributes reviews, and maintains this and other web sites.
Jan WilletsJan Willets
Jan has been called one of the best traditional-style tambourine players in the country. She understands that in this music the percussion is an equal partner with the other instruments, and must follow the flow of the melody rather than just providing a "beat". Jan brings power and an infallible sense of timing to the instrument, that makes you wonder why it ever came to be relegated to school classrooms, or being gently shaken by backing-singers.
Jan also plays a heavy Cajun-style triangle, djembe, cajon and other hand percussion, and Yamaha electronic drums.
In her professional life, Jan's a Chartered Member of the Institute of Safety and Health, so she's more than capable of ensuring we meet all legally-required safety requirements. In her personal life she's a keen wildlife gardner and tries to herd three cats. Her musical tastes otherwise are pretty similar to Tim's - which is probably just as well.