Dance Callers

In the "good old days" everybody learned their popular local dances when young, so the band would just announce what they were going to play and get on with it (this still happens in parts of Scotland). Those days are long gone in most parts of England, so the American idea of having a person (called the Caller, oddly enough) who would call out the various moves over the band's playing caught on. This means that you don't have to have any previous experience or knowledge at all to enjoy the dance.

The caller will usually "walk through" the dance first, meaning that the dancers will be asked to form up in the appropriate way (a square, circle or two lines, usually one of men and one of women), and will then explain each move of the dance, while the dancers walk it through, so they understand what happens. This usually doesn't take very long, and once the music starts the caller will continue to remind everyone what to do next

Getting the right caller for your event is very important. Their role is to act as M.C. for the dance, to quickly teach the dances, and then guide you thorough them. It's important to pick the most suitable dances, as "experienced" dancers usually expect a different - and more complex - repertoire to one suited to beginners. We usually arrange a caller as part of a package, or if you wish to book a caller independently we're happy to discuss this with you. Redowa can draw upon several callers, all highly experienced and very capable for all sorts of audiences, "novices" to "experts".