A few links to on-line resources... Musical Traditions, an on-line journal concerning traditional song and music, primarily from England/the English-speaking world. Reviews, articles, discussion, many historical photographs. Also publishes recordings of source musicians and singers. The East Anglian Traditional Music Trust. Researches, promotes and generally encourages participation in the rich and distinctive musical and dance traditions of East Anglia. The English Folk Dance and Song Society. Castagnari, Italy. Makers of high-quality diatonic accordions/melodeons. French accordion manufacturer. German-based company, one of the largest musical instrument manufacturers in the world, they have made a large range of accordions for over 100 years. Based in Wales. Instrument makers and repairers. Source of concertinas, tambourines, drums and much else besides. Veteran records publish CDs and cassettes of traditional singers and musicians, with an East Anglian leaning. Web site of Sunshine Arts, children's entertainers and school craft and history projects. Also the home of Dave Hunt, an excellent dance caller - one of the best known (and best) in the business.