Redowa are Jan and Tim Willets. Together, they have played music for dancing and concerts for over twenty years.

Drawing on the English musical tradition, and using the classic combination of driving percussion and melodeons, the sound is powerful, full and extremely danceable. If you're looking for a band for a wedding, party, festival or corporate event we've plenty of experience of them all and other things besides.

The music and dances are mostly drawn from the English tradition, but there's Scots, Irish, French-Canadian, French and American in there too. Whether you call it ceilidh, barn-dance or hoe-down doesn't matter - above all, Redowa play dance music.

Our name? The original redowa was a dance for two people. Invented in Bohemia in the 1830s, it took 19th century Europe and America by storm between the waltz craze and the polka hysteria. The elegant couple that appear below the menus are taken from the cover of a 19th century composition, "La Redowa Polka" by Cezare Pugni.


Tim and Jan Willets