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78 rpm Workshop

Dave and Maggie have been collecting old 78 rpm records for years, and have now amassed several thousands!
This workshop is a humorous look at the history of the ‘78’ and includes some splendid examples of the rare and the ridiculous. We have a recording of Marconi talking of ‘The Wonder of Wireless’, an address by General Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, a record in Morse, a recording of a conjurer doing a trick! choirs of canaries, and classical music..on the handsaw!! to name but a few.

The format is a light-hearted illustrated talk, followed by a chance for the audience to browse through piles of records and play the ones they fancy (anyone for early Tommy Steele, Lonnie Donegan, Elvis, Jimmy Shand, or even the Savoy Orpheans)!

We have often presented this workshop as a gentle, relaxing, Sunday morning session at Festivals. Ideally allow one and a half hours, but we can make it longer or shorter if required.


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