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We provide workshops to teach several types of dance (Dave is very well known nationally as a folk dance caller, (see Dance Calling) has been a member of the Ironbridge Ironmen, one of England’s premier Morris teams, for over 25 years and has been teaching dance for 30+ years.

Maggie Sunshine is also an experienced dancer and teacher and currently dancing with Severn Gilders. (

Social dance
Based on English Country Dance but with lots more pizzazz!! (What is currently known as ‘English Ceilidh’). An introduction to the joys of dancing together. We use this to get children working in groups to create and demonstrate their own dances…and some very good ones they have written too! (see also Dance Calling).
Border Morris
An exciting form of English traditional dance, originating from the Welsh Border counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Border Morris is vigorous, exuberant, simple to learn and great fun to do. Children work together in groups of six or eight to make up and perform their own stick dances. (We can teach up to thirty or so people at a time, though less is better and safer!)
Simple traditional ‘tatter’ or rag costumes can also be made.
  Border Morris - click here for a larger image

Longsword Dances
Using wooden ‘swords’ to learn some of the figures of the traditional longsword dances of North Yorkshire. This activity can involve up to 32 children/adults at any one time.
Sword Dancers - Click here for larger image  

All of the above dance workshops can be anything from about an hour for a simple dance up to a whole day or more for really creative activity, and to practice sufficiently for ‘public’ performance.

These are all excellent activities for encouraging working together in groups, using imagination and invention..... and getting fun physical exercise too!

Dave led a super day of dance as part of our Arts week.  He immediately captures the complete attention of the children and uses a lovely sense of humour to establish a fantastic rapport with them. It was a pleasure to see children of all abilities completely focused on  dancing and gaining so much from the day.

Ruth Howell, Special Needs Co-ordinator and Dance Club organiser, Spennells First School, Kidderminster

"Foley Infants School enjoyed a fun , entertaining and informative afternoon with Dave Hunt…a master at holding children’s attention whilst teaching them his craft of Morris dancing."

G. Wainwright, Class Teacher Foley Infants School, Kinver, Staffs.

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