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Green Man We have put together many shows at folk festivals, community events and in schools. This involves the children making all the costumes and props, and contributing to writing the story/chants/songs/dances…etc.. which they then enact for an audience. Here are just a few examples:-
Green Man

'The Last Tree in the Rainforest’ (on several different occasions) - an environmentally based story about the disturbance of native inhabitants and Sunwildlife caused by logging operations.
Together we made: Lots of trees and plants, a huge bulldozer (3 child size), chainsaws, axes, Native costumes, mammal and bird costumes, Costumes for the loggers etc…Lots of dialogue, two songs and some chants written, plus dances. Followed by a performance for parents.
Making DragonsThe Chinese New Year’ the story of why Chinese years are called after animals.
We made a Chinese Dragon that had 18 children under the costume. The kids then made all the other animals plus costumes and props ….eg the Silver River, Chinese houses etc.. and a ’Chinese’ percussion band. Then they all did a show for a large audience of adults.
Making a Dragon

‘Space……It’s Weird Out There’ Dave worked with the whole of a junior school (270 children!) over five days…half a year group for half a day each, making Spaceships, Alien spacecraft, Mission Control/robots/aliens/masks/banners/costumes/rag figures/junk instruments etc.. then put it all together as a show (just over one hour rehearsal time for everyone together!) Then a show for 200+ parents on the Friday afternoon

‘Greeks and Romans’ Dave worked with all of a large primary school, over several days, to make Greek and Roman armour/helmets/weapons/period instruments (Sistrums and Cornu)/costume/Greek actors masks etc… culminating in a huge village procession and carnival.
Romans - click for larger image

Workshops with a large number of children to celebrate Britains place in Europe.
Over several days they made costume representing all the various countries in Europe, and also European food…so we had giant Salamis, pints of Guinness, large cheeses of various sorts, big wine bottles etc. We also taught them some simpleSunEuropean songs and dances.
The workshops culminated in a colourful procession and a show on the main arena stage

‘English Civil War’
Working with most of a school to make Civil War costume/hats/ muskets/bandoliers/pistols and swords/jerkins etc…followed by a large procession and carnival.

‘The Big Three Os’
To celebrate the thirtieth Towersey Village Festival we worked with the children to produce costume and props of things that are normally associated with THREE, so weSun had Three Blind Mice, Three Bears, Three Coins in a Fountain, Three Old Ladies Locked in a Lavatory!….etc, plus a lot of different decorative ZEROES… we than did a show on the Arena, for an audience of hundreds, with the threes and noughts representing thirty.

‘Victorian Times’ as ‘Earthworks’ - now in our eighth year of working with a particular school. We have produced a series of different shows based on their Victorian studies . We teach them a range of songs and social dances from the period, with lots of ‘action’ and mime/drama work, allowing plenty of input from the children.
We also teach traditional dances that were being performed at the time…including Border Morris, Longsword, Garland Dances and Cotswold Morris.
With further guidance from us the children and teachers have worked on what we have taught them to produce a series of wonderful shows for their parents and Governors.

Plus many other productions over the years…including All at Sea, Folk Tales of the World, The Wheel, Dungeons and Dragons, John Barleycorn etc.

Tell us what you need and we’ll do it!


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