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Entertainment for Children

Songs and Games suitable for all ages.

Doctor Sunshine's Pavement Show was founded by Dave Hunt ("Doctor Sunshine") and the late Vic Baker ("Professor Wingnut") over thirty years ago. Since then we have entertained and made friends with thousands of children at hundreds of festivals, community events, birthday parties and in schools!

Dave and Maggie
Dave and Maggie
We specialise in audience involvement and participation….with lots of funny songs, rhymes, tongue twisters, stories and games .These can be Stage Shows but we prefer  more informal settings. Lots of fun and laughter, along with some VERY silly songs ensure that everyone takes part and has a great time.

Parachute Games
Examples include Parachute Games - suitable for children over 5, plus any crazy adults. This is always one of the activities most requested and enjoyed by the children (big growed-up kids love it too!) An exciting set of non-competitive games using a multi coloured parachute - ideal for a school, community  hall, in a marquee or on dry grass.
Parachute games
Silly Sports are suitable for children of all ages and adults too! The team organise and run the daftest  ‘Sports Meeting’ imaginable. Featured events include such gems as the Five-legged Wheelbarrow Race, The Fireman’s Water Relay and the Pantomime Horse Gymkhana (none of which are official Olympic sports....yet!).
The ‘Sports’ are ideally suited for outdoors on dry grass, although we do have an alternative indoor version too!

" Dr.Sunshine’ engaged the audience of excited 5-7 year olds as soon as he set foot in the room. The children sang, moved and laughed their way through one hour of live fun. Dave has a wonderful rapport with his young audience and the performance was pitched at exactly the right level.  Our session with ‘Dr. Sunshine’ just flew by - as one reception child remarked afterwards "Oh that
was good!" and all the staff heartily agreed."

Carole Nicholas,    Deputy Head Teacher
Springfield Primary School, Shrewsbury Shrops.

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