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Traditional Folk Drama:
Mummers Plays

Saint George learns his lines The British Isles has a great wealth of traditional folk drama. (for more information about traditional drama see ). We work with children to produce Mummers Plays ……and there can be up to a dozen characters in each play. We also make the appropriate costumes and props. This is a popular activity for a smallish group.
Saint George learns his lines - click for larger image
It needs a least a half day (or spread over several days), but in a school it can be combined with dance sessions - especially Border Morris and Longsword - so that sub-groups of a class can all be working on different things to put together for a performance. We try to find traditional plays from the locality where we are working or adapt others to give a ‘local’ feel. We have often found that children who are regarded as shy will suddenly discover a new 'them' when acting a character!Mum and Tuk
We usually include a few fun Drama School warm up excercises too.
Mum and Tuk: British folk drama meets Caribbean music - click for larger image

"Dave Hunt has worked with Knowle CE Primary School for many years. He has led workshops in dance, drama, music and creative craft. These have all been very well planned and ably led.
Dave has also assisted on several occasions in presenting work to parents and Governors. He has an excellent relationship with children and staff. His work has been inspirational and instrumental in pupils achieving high standards in all they have done"

C.R.Lees Deputy Head Teacher
Knowle C. of E. Primary School Warks

Dave worked with ninety 6-7 year olds ..adults and children alike found working with him was inspirational..he makes learning fun, the children are motivated and take part with enthusiasm.

- Sue Boggan, Deputy head, Charlton Kings School, Cheltenham

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